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Two years on...

And our plans for 2019.

We started The Cotswold Wool Company two years ago after mulling it over for a year prior to that and what a journey we have been on! We simply wanted to knit with some Cotswold wool but couldn’t find any in England and so the seed was germinated. We started the company on a very part time basis around existing work commitments and childcare and this continued until October this year when we both enrolled at The Royal Agricultural University on business courses and were able to spend more time focusing on the project.

Despite successful crowdfunding for some of our initial outlay and making great realationships with our wool growers, we hit a stumbling block last year with problems at the spinning mill. The uk has so few spinning mills that they are booked up for sometimes a year in advance! Additionally we don’t have enough fleece to make the minimum requirements for spinning at the larger mills so we have struggled to develop the range of Cotswold yarns we so desperately want to make.

This has meant going back to the drawing board while we wait patiently for our yarns to come through. Behind the scenes we have been working tirelessly on ideas for new projects and ways to make this viable long term.

Over 2019 we aim to develop and take delivery of some stunning Cotswold based yarns and we have been learning the art of hand dyeing in order to compliment this. Starting in January we will be selling a small range of hand dyed alpaca and wool yarns which do not contain wool from the Cotswold breed yet but every penny of profit will be ploughed back into the business in order to make our goal of producing a Cotswold yarn a reality.

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